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Carol Paldino




It is at this time of year that families are seeking information about local schools in order to make an appropriate choice for their children.  As an intra-district magnet school servicing New London families, Jennings's has the following mission and themes.


C.B. Jennings Dual Language and International Education Magnet School believes in empowering our students, families and Learning Communities by engaging in enriching experiences that cultivates a love and understanding of inquiry, teaching, learning, leadership, and cultural-linguistic diversity that in turn develop students who are internationally minded, action-oriented, and leaders in their local and global communities.

BENEFITS OF KNOWING TWO LANGUAGES:  Throughout the world, knowing more than one language is the norm, not the exception. It is estimated that between half to two-thirds of the world’s population is bilingual.


Knowing more than one language:

  • Provides students with the tools they need to communicate, understand, and excel in a multicultural and diverse world.
  • Opens doors in today’s very competitive job market.

Research shows that:

  • Knowing more than one language increases a person’s thinking abilities.
  • Language minority as well as language majority students out-perform their peers in bilingual transitional programs and English only programs across the nation.

Adelante Dual Language Program 
is a K-5th grade program that follows the 50/50 model. This means that bothEnglish and Spanish will be used to teach children and that our dual language classes are made up of native English and native Spanish speakers. In one design,  students have two teachers. One teaches inSpanish and the other instructs in English. In the other design,students  have one teacher, who teaches through both languages.An inherent strength of this model is that, with both native Spanish and English speakers learning together, students reinforce and accelerate each other’s second language acquisition.

 FOREIGN LANGUAGE IN THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (FLES) isa second through fifth grade program where students receive their content information in English, but who are also taught Spanish 30minutes every other day. This program targets students' listening and oral language development in Spanish while providing a solid foundation for continued foreign language development at the secondary levels.

If one of the programs described above appeals to you and your child(ren), do complete an application for the Jennings Lottery and return to Ms. Purvins at the Welcome Center, 134 Williams Street, 860-444-3181.

You can download an application from our website or pick one up at C.B. Jennings or the Welcome Center.  Good Luck.

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